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Harinder is a full stack developer and a digital marketer. His interest lies mainly in geolocation and big data. Harinder have led the growth of social media communities in Malaysia, and therefore are equally well connected across a variety of people in the industry.

8 years of experience in numerous experiences across the technology and new media marketing sector has given Harinder a wide angle of knowledge contributing to his career.

During his times in OffGamers, he managed the company's anti fraud accounts which involved running investigative and digital forensic work. His following move to Tandemic as the web developer and the digital strategist had him working for clients such as Kakiseni, Carrefour and Firefly.

Then moving to Ogilvy, where he leads the Social Team to manage and build digital as well as social campaigns for blue-chip clients such as Coca-Cola, IBM, Guinness Anchor Berhad, Shell and Cadbury.

Now in Zeno, a sister agency to Edelman, he leads the Technical Team where his focus lies in using software to help transform and set new bars to the PR industry in Malaysia through helping clients such as AIM, GSK, Tesco, Hasbro and many others

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